Semi-Automatic Machine Series Bm150


Used for the production of PET gallons in mineral water packaging lines. The machine is semi-automatic and has a capacity of 100 to 200 packs of 20 liters per hour handled and capable of producing a 5-liter two coated, a 10-liter two coated, 16 liter single coated.

The body of the machine is made of iron with coating of electrostatic Color (furnace) quality.

The components of the pneumatic machine are of high quality with a one-year warranty, electrical components, such as switches and contactors, are made by Korea LS, as well as the PLS and CARD ANALOG of the OMRON manufacturing facility in Japan. The control of the machine is via the HMI. Control of the elements inside the oven, it is via SSR and is controlled by the HMI.