Mold and parts making

Our activities are in designing and manufacturing molds machineries AOKI, HZ, MG, ESTEKA, SIDEL, COMBI, DYNAPLAST, KRUPP and component parts.

Obviously, we also work with reputable molding companies using CAM / CAD technology and mold making strategy based on high quality and short time manufacturing in accordance with global standards and competitive prices, resulting in the lowest errors, the fastest and most diverse In a variety of models, we are glad to make a customer in our manufacturing.

In this way, we will use software such as POWERMILL-EDGECAM and CNC milling machines with a precision of about 10 microns. The design unit of this company, with competent team, is able to design a variety of bottles with the SOLID WORK CATIA, AUTOCAD software.

  • Possibility to provide 3D plans before molding
  • Matching the size of the filler lines
  • Making mold with customers’ opinion in design
  • Use the latest methods of the world to create miles
  • Making all kinds of complicated molds of the best quality