About Company

About the Barzin Industry Co.

The Barzin Sanat Kusha Co., with the management of Mr. Alireza Azarbarzin, inventor and first designer and manufacturer of full automatic PET pump in Iran, with the patent certificate from the judiciary and an approval certificate from the Ministry of Science and Technology, along with the approval of the Science and Technology Park,by getting of ISO9001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 14001, ISO10002 and EU CE certification and more than 15 years of experience in the field of machine manufacturing and the presentation of services for PET bottle production lines.

By relying on specialist personnel, efforts to improve the quality and increase customer satisfaction becomes a prestigious name in this field.

Our services, such as advising, providing machinery and services, high quality and cost-effective compared to other similar machines, have resulted in products and services in addition to domestic accredited companies in neighboring countries being welcomed.

In the Barzin Company, we are consistent with the global patterns of powerful and creative human capital, which we are committed to using our corporate values, innovative ideas and new technology to deliver our products at the level of European companies.

By pursuing the following objectives, the company is based on expertise, quality, and technology use based on the principle of continuous learning and technical-managerial competencies. In this regard, numerous measures, including the recruitment of expert and efficient staff and quality management standards, were considered by the organization as a management system to achieve the highest goals by establishing a standard in the organization.

Prospect: Leading the domestic and foreign markets to provide after-sales service and timely service to satisfy customers

Mission: Our overall mission and goal is to build and deliver the best blow PET machine with the highest quality in the shortest time possible with the provision of after-sales services.

Company goals 

  • Respect for the rights of customers
  • Knowledge, creativity and innovation management
  • Attention to quality and continuous improvement
  • Spread diversity and increase production by maintaining product quality
  • Respect for human resources and mutual respect
  • Providing staff comfort and well-being
  • Increased commitment and loyalty of staff (employees, customers and suppliers)
  • Attention to meritocracy
  • Job creation and participation in improving the economic situation of the country

After sale services 

  • The Barzin industry company today, with the technical staff, supports its advice in all parts of Iran and neighboring countries.
  • The after-sales service of this company includes:
  • Full inspection of the place of production before carrying the machine and the customer to prepare the site for installation and complete installation.
  • Ultimate design of manufacturing bottles and mold making
  • Installation and delivery of the machine purchased by the customer
  • Full operator training and maintenance
  • Providing the warranty service of the machine purchased by the customer
  • Customer support and guidance on technical and operational issues
  • Perform periodic visits and services