Dryer, Chiller, Compressor

Refrigerant dryer 

Refrigerant dryer with a dew point of +2 ° C are used for warm, warm and humid areas.

Chiller profile 

Chiller Type: Cool Air (Refrigeration) with a coolant volume varying from 5 tons to 20 tons

Danfoss parts made in France

The cooling machine is used to cool parts of the blade and injection machine.

Compressor specifications: 

Compressor type: screw  with grease

Cool air: Strap

Working pressure: 10 times

Air-conditioning unit: Made in Rotorcomp Company

Electromotor: ABB – Jemco – motojen Control system is MICROPROCESSORE (smart)

Power panel parts (contactors, bimetals): LS or TELEMECHANIC Radiator: Emmagi Italy

Valve Unloader: Italy’s VMC Company