Full Automatic Blow Pet Machine


Used for the production of plastic bottles (PET) in packing line of bottles of mineral water, soft drinks, dough, milk, oil, pharmaceutical bottles, detergents ,cosmetics and etc.


Introducing the production 

The machine is fully automatic and from the time of feeding the preform in Hooper all the steps are carried out automatically and after producing, the bottle from the outlet of the machine is placed on the conveyor belt and goes out.

The body of the machine is covered with iron sheets , which have been cut by laser and CNC bent , then stained with static paint and in some parts of the machine are contacted with the bottle is made of stainless steel.

The molds are made of aluminum alloy, the closing system and the mold movable by pneumatic jacks. The locking system of the mold is mechanically and all the jacks and power valve are automatically controlled from the monitored by the PLC.


  • The machine is completely intelligent and displays all of the faults on the monitor’s screen.
  • The machine produces bottles with an opening of 28 to 38 and short-neck bottles with a volume of 100 cc to 2500 cc.
  • The internal mechanical parts are made of stainless steel and steel, and all engines and gearboxes are high quality.
  • Electronic parts are made in Sherak of Germany, Amuron of Japan and Carlo Gavazzi of Italy, and all the pneumatic parts have been made in Festo of Germany.
  • The oven of the machine is like a belt